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Boiler Servicing from £50.00

Boiler Servicing to keep it safe and in tip top condition

baxi_duo_tecBoilers are run every day in the home and depending on the workload can wear faster than many other appliances and it’s critical to have yearly boiler servicing to maintain it’s efficiency and it’s safety standard. Some faults in a gas boiler can be easy and inexpensive to repair… and some are not. If you ignore it and allow these small faults to mount they may well lead to a major failure of your boiler, requiring expensive repairs or worse still – a whole new boiler! That is why you should ensure your boiler is serviced regularly, and by experienced gas engineers.

Boiler Servicing – Why?

Not servicing your boiler regularly can not only lead to potentially expensive repairs and a loss in energy efficiency but more worryingly it can make your boiler dangerous for your family. Build up of carbon monoxide because of a faulty or blocked flue or leaks from gas seals around the adjoining pipework can be deadly.

Many people will often experience issues with their gas boilers when they go to switch on their heating for the first time in the autumn; this is often due to months of inactivity during the summer. It is not uncommon for gas boilers to develop these problems due to parts seizing or clogging due to lack of use. Calling Prime Gas and Arranging a Regular gas boiler service during the late summer can ensure this doesn’t happen and your heating is fully functioning and most importantly safe so it can hit those cold winter months at full capacity.

Here is just a sample of the procedures we will carry out during our full gas boiler servicing; locations suitability for type of boiler: flame and correct burning check: electrical wiring; ventilation and clearance: main burners inspected for damage and cleaned: flue inspection: ignition leads and electrode checked: pilot flame check: Measure gas pressure and flow rate…. It’s a long list and that’s why you only want our fully trained Gas Safe registered engineers doing it.

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A Typical Gas Boiler Service Costs  £50.00 (this includes VAT at the currrent rate)



How To Pressurise Your Baxi Boiler

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