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Boiler Not Working? Check out Our Video Guides

If your boiler, heating or hot water do not seem to be working, make sure you do the following checks on the four basic elements your boiler needs to work: Electricity, Gas, Water and User Controls.

Our Handy tips will help you get your boiler up and working again, quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

View our Basic Checks video guide series from 1 to 5 to find out how to check for common problems and how to resolve them.

Additional Videos covering a whole range of problems including repressurising your boiler and dealing with error codes are listed below this video series.

Alternatively if you would like to book a service or repair call us on 07930233455


Basic Checks Video Guide 1 – Overview


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Basic Checks Video Guide 2 – Check Your Electricity Supply


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Basic Checks Video Guide 3 – Check Your Gas Supply

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Basic Checks Video Guide 4 – Check Your Water Supply

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Basic Checks Video Guide 5 – Check Your Boiler Controls

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Repressurising Your Baxi Boiler Using a Flexible Filler


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Error Code E133  – How-to video guide for Baxi GA range of boilers

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