Renew/ Replace Radiators

Old radiators are inefficient- Renew to save money!

Is your central heating not keeping you as warm as it used to?

With rising gas prices maybe now is the time to renew those old radiators for newer, energy efficient ones!

Low efficiency means wasting money and nothing can waist money quicker than an inefficient radiator; think, how many radiators do you have in your home and you can see how having inefficient radiators can soon add up. So maybe its time to have your central heating radiators assessed and renewed. Our specifically trained energy efficiency engineer can go over all the factors with you so u can decide for yourself and see if you can save money on your yearly heating bill.

Prime Gas Services can renew radiators and all associated pipework ensuring that you’re not wasting energy that you have to pay for. Our engineer will also give you tips on how best to run your radiators so you’re always getting the best out of them!

Summer Boiler Offers

Any Size Radiator (Single/Double)

Supplied and fitted from £150 with Thermostatic Radiator Valves.