Summer 2018 Offers

Looking to upgrade or improve your heating system?

A new system is much more efficient – saving you money into the bargain!

It is estimated that new boiler system can save you around £300.00 or more per annum in running costs over your existing system.

On selected Summer installs from Prime Gas Services, you can benefit from these amazing Special Offers:

MagnaClean-ProFREE MagnaClean Pro (Worth £150.00) –

MagnaClean Professional is a high efficiency, full-flow magnetic filter designed to work with all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of the suspended black iron oxide.

  • Simple Installation & Servicing
  • Immediate Results & Ongoing System Protection
  • No Ongoing Running Costs
  • Energy Savings of up to 6%
  • Includes Non-Magnetic Filtration

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FREE Wireless Controller (Worth £150) –

  • Wireless connection to the boiler allows you to mount the controller in your room without decor disruption
  • Armchair programming feature lets you program your controller while resting comfortably in your armchair


  • Ergonomic User Interface features an ‘OK-button’ making the CM921 very easy to use so you always stay in control.
  • Extra Large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Screen with Backlight provides added user friendliness and clearer viewing – even in the dark.
  • 6 independent temperature levels per day lets you set any 6 temperatures you require (from 5 to 35°C) so you can enjoy economical comfort every day
  • Holiday button saves energy by letting you reduce the temperature for 1 to 99 days while you are away from home, resuming normal operation on your return.
  • Automatic Summer/Winter Time Change will adjust the clock automatically for
  • ‘Daylight Saving Time’.
  • Built-in Memory holds the user program indefinitely so that it is never lost – even if you remove the batteries.

A great, modern control system for your new boiler

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power-flushFREE Power Flush of your System (Worth £450) –

  • We make sure your current system is flushed completely through to make sure everything to ready and up to the requirements of your new boiler
  • Prime Gas Services uses the latest technology to carry out your Powerflush treatment.
  • The process involves moving water as fast as possible throughout the central heating system to loosen and move the sludge and particulates in order to remove it from the system.
  • Once carried out your central heating will work more efficiently, saving energy costs – leaving more money in your pocket!
  • Powerflush is carried out by one of our Gas Safe Registered heating engineers giving you the complete peace of mind that your system is being treated by our professionally-qualified gas engineers.

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This Offer is for a Limited time Only so Call Today to take advantage of this amazing deal when you have Your New Gas Boiler Installed by Prime Gas Services.

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Summer Boiler Offers