Thermostats, Timers and controls

Perhaps you central heating has very old timers and thermostats.

We provide the latest digital systems making sure your heating and water are hot when you need them.

  • Wireless connection to the boiler allows you to mount the DigiStat in your room without decor disruption
  • Armchair programming feature lets you program your Digistat while resting comfortably in your armchair

  • Ergonomic User Interface features an ‘OK-button’ making the CM921 very easy to use so you always stay in control.
  • Extra Large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Screen with Backlight provides added user friendliness and clearer viewing – even in the dark.
  • 6 independent temperature levels per day lets you set any 6 temperatures you require (from 5 to 35°C) so you can enjoy economical comfort every day
  • Holiday button saves energy by letting you reduce the temperature for 1 to 99 days while you are away from home, resuming normal operation on your return.
  • Automatic Summer/Winter Time Change will adjust the clock automatically for
  • ‘Daylight Saving Time’.
  • Built-in Memory holds the user program indefinitely so that it is never lost – even if you remove the batteries.

DigiStat-Wireless-ControllerHoneywell DT92E Wireless Digital Room Thermostat


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