Upgrade Boiler

Upgrade Your Boiler

Are you concerned how ‘eco-friendly’ you are?

energy-efficient boilerWell maybe you should be, if for no other reason than that being eco friendly also tends to save you money and we know how important that can be to families. Prime Gas services can upgrade your boilers and radiators to greener, A grade energy saving models which can substantially bring down your annual central heating bill, not only putting money back in your pocket year after year but also giving your household a smaller carbon footprint. We can assess all areas of your central heating system at anytime to see if your household or businesses radiators and boilers would benefit from an upgrade to high efficiency green technology.

Your boiler can account for up to 60% of your yearly energy bill!

That’s before you add poorly maintained or inefficient radiators. So why not call us today and we’ll send a friendly, specially-trained energy efficiency engineer to carry out an assessment. He can advise you and help you understand all the factors related to energy efficiency and tell you there and then how upgrading and replacing your boiler or radiators could save you money.

Why not visit our Special Offers Page to see how little it costs to have a new, money saving eco-friendly gas  boiler system installed?


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